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The author is writing articles on ways and means of earning money online or offline at www.webquestionanswers.com , myeveryminutediary.blogspot.in , indiastudychannel.com/member/webquestionanswers.aspx and wqaindia.hubpages.com . Most of the sites tell about how to earn online but most of the sites take the visitors to spam sites and to avoid confusion we have titled the article as Earn Offline or Online as to earn online one has to spend time offline also. To consolidate all the articles, the links are provided below:
  1. How to earn money through Yahoo Contributor Network
  • The author, though currently not contributing to YCN, has checked the YCN guideline thoroughly and summarised the guidelines, as above, for the benefit of the authors and content writers.
  2.  IndiaStudyChannel Learn to Earn Cash and Revenue
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  • The author has critically examined and tested the Global Test Market and the payments come through cheques payable in India in INR.
  • If you are having a registered domain name and you have not renewed it for any reason whatsoever and it is still lying in Parked Domains, then get it renewed as it may have a price in the domain name market. It is just like purchasing a brand name. This article explains the inside story of domain name selling or buying through domain name auctioneers like GoDaddy. You may be astonished to receive an offer, which you could have never expected.
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Note: The author of this site is not receiving any commission in cash or kind from any of the sites listed above nor he is marketing executive of these sites. There are thousands of spam site on the web and the author is listing only those sites which have been tested by him for over a period of six months and the sites have stand by their word and have transparency in their working and payments to the contributors.